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It all started with a person named Zecharia Sitchin, who found out many interesting communications within the ancient Sumerian texts. According to him, they talk about men and women known as the Annunaki. Annunaki would mean that those from heaven who came to earth, and you’ll find depictions of these creatures on ancient tablets. These creatures appear as if huge humans, and according to the Sumerians live on a planet called Niburu, also called planet x.

Nibiru is a planet in our solar system that has a cycle of 3600 years, and yes it is to get back across the yr This conveniently matches so much different 2012 theories, for example the Mayan calendar, which I wont speak about here.

Contrary to this, others say the fact that the reported character is indeed an actual man, in the person of a particular Ray Mabus, who works as an adviser to the president in terms of the dealings of the US within the Center East. It really is stated that in the event that an assassination of this man is made, it might mark the start of a cataclysmic part on earth, feasibly the beginning of Earth War III. Surprisingly, Nostradamus’ predictions pointed out something about “vengeance” that could be connected to this event, and the presence of “a comet” that’s believed to be a literary illustration for a nuclear bomb hitting the terrorists who would assassinate the president’s adviser.

To gain knowledge all about Nibiru Annunaki 2012 and have the real fact about precisely what is going to take place in the yr 2012, it is best to check out this website:

At the end of the day just one might ask, “Is there anything I may do to prepare for such an event?”

If there’s a celestial body going to provide an appearance in 2012, the answer is sure I would try to become as organized as with all catastrophe. In the event you are able, various people imagine you will find geographical locations that can be safer than others, you would possibly feel more effective living in a single of these places. You will find even communities who were formed with simply this occasion in mind. I would attempt to study as much as I may about all the occasions of 2012 so as to have a far better understanding. Or you can just place it out of your mind and if it happens it happens. I know a few folks have this idea. It’s as much as you.

Keeping an open mind about nibiru 2012 theories is an excellent thin, but don’t be fooled by stuff that have not been defined thoroughly.

Lots more revealed about Nibiru 2012 here.

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They even brought out a dead counter-culture mystic who made a visit to South the USA within the 70’s and came up together with his own Time Occasion theory, thanks to medicines found deep within the jungle (like DMT is new) that matches up with these different equally flaky and ridiculous predictions.

      The Mayan Calendar, Is it accurate?

If the world goes to end, we can safely assume that such an event will be terrifying and horrific. Right after all, the Mayans and the I-Ching oracle have been horrified about the astronomical predictions hundreds of yrs. ago. They knew they wouldn’t turn out to be around to knowledge the occasions of December 21, We alternatively will all have a front row seat. The one guide to survival that I discovered was at his supply had wealth of information.

“The scientific age and modern-day passion for the deification of the mind has in the short term spoiled our perception within the irrational, the instinctual, the magical, and the inexplicable”1

When this massive cloud of debris strikes the planet, a lot injury is completed to both our inhabitants centers and our food-producing capabilities. In handling the aftermath, it soon proves being an excessive amount of for our earth leaders to manage with.

The lascivious will mimic

With moral indignation,

The father will twice do minus the soul

Yes, these quatrains are obscure. However the haunting part is the last line.

However, the power that rises to fill the void won’t have the best interests of the entire world at heart. In fact, there are lots of similarities to what occurred whenever Hitler took power. His agenda was nefarious, but men and women flocked to him, believing that he would convey concerning the alter that they desired to see. It took an alliance of many of the world’s main political powers of the time and energy to take along him down. According to the predictions of Nostradamus, it will likely be very similar right after A exceptional struggle will be fought, one that will contribute to a lot destruction around the globe.

Discover more about nostradamus predictions 2012 here.

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To survive 2012 you want to inform yourself about the secrets of That is not simple to tell which 2012 secret are true or not. All individuals trust a thing various and will endeavor and get you to believe there story.

The state of the Earth is maintained by its magnetic field. It is what type makes the North Pole north and South Pole south. But, there is actually no clear rationalization on how it works. According to their theories, Earth is far the same as a dynamo creating electrical current. The magnet maintains on turning as you’re cycling which creates the current. The Earth, on the opposite hand, creates electrical most recent via the fluid internal core and its iron coating. The electrical most recent is then reworked into magnetic field.

) Dehydrated food maintains for yrs. and is perfect, proffering you’ve the required water to rehydrate it.

) Smoked and canned items, as in the canning our grandmothers used to do, are also good survival foods.


Some individuals believe that cash shall be a good asset after 2012, I do not think so. I feel being well put together with the best equipment, and competencies are far more important. Persons will scavenge and barter instead of conveying portions of paper that are not any longer backed by a association (most of which can be gone and destroyed).

Enough food for making no less than 200 meals. This is certainly rationing. One big meal a day or two small ones.

Survival Weapons

Weapons for surviving 2012 are often the second most vital factor you have to have. No matter what type course the top comes from, there will be panic and everyone knows that leads to desperation. Then, bad matters happen. Survival weapons are a must.

Lots more revealed about survive 2012 here.

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When Will The World End

The Mayans have been to be found throughout the southern Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, and the Yucutan Peninsula states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan. They have been also to be found within the northern Central American region, including which sort we now know as Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and western Honduras.

The Mayans are possibly most celebrated for their analysis of astronomy – and connected to this, their increase in an intricate calendar. This calendar called for a number cycles, certainly one of which is known as the “long count” calendar. Most students of the Mayan time cycles think that this lengthy count will end on or around December 20, However, there is some disagreement as to the genuine nature of the lengthy count and how it ought to be viewed. Some say it genuinely does not portend anything cataclysmic, but is simply the end of a cycle that will start once again at it can be completion. Nevertheless, as we approach that time, there is certainly rising involvement in this date, specially connected to the idea that it’s going to convey with it a doomsday scenario. Some are predicting a polar shift, wherever the north and south poles will swap places on the planet, with catastrophic results. There are most other scenarios, too a multitude of to say during this short report, but the actual query we ought to be asking is, “should we think about the Mayans a credible source for comprehending the future?” In the remaining articles during this series, we’ll answer that query by making use of three trials of credibility to the Mayans and see how they fare.

Nevertheless, every decade or so, our society makes a fuss concerning the end of the world. It comes in various kinds of types such as a spiritual nut predicting that Jesus is coming near such and such a date, a quack telling us that aliens are going to take a few of us, the earth is on a collision course by using a comet, nuclear struggle is around the corner, or as within the 2009 movie known as 2012, based on the ancient Mayans the globe will end in

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